ICPES 2017 | Toronto, Canada | November 1-3, 2017

2017 IEEE 7th International Conference on Power and Energy Systems

Excellent Oral Presentation Winners

Session 1: Hybrid Proportional-Integral Model Predictive Control Strategy of Modular Multilevel Converter
Presented by Huancheng Lin, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Session 2: Energy transition process in emerging economies- Evidence from constructing an energy system optimization mod
Presented by Kesheng Shu, University of Hamburg, Germany

Energy System Analysis of a Low CO2 Emission Power Plant Utilizing Oceanic Methene Hydrate with CCS
Presented by Tsutomu Watanabe, Tohoku University, Japan

Session 3: Optimal Hybrid Power Dispatch for Distributed Energy Resources with Dynamic Constraints
Presented by Raymond A. de Callafon, From University of California San Diego, USA

Session 4: GIS as a vital tool for Environmental Impact Assessment and Mitigation
Presented by Koorosh Gharehbaghi, From RMIT University, Australia