ICPES 2020 | Chengdu, China |December 25-27, 2020 | Virtual Conference

2020 10th International Conference on Power and Energy Systems

December 25-27, 2020 | Co-sponsored by IEEE, PES, and UESTC. About 110 participants attended the conference.

Host: Weihao Hu, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China   Opening remarks delivered by Qi Huang, Chengdu University of Technology, China; University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China
Keynote speech given by Jinliang He
Tsinghua University, China
  Keynote speech given by Dehong Xu
Zhejiang University, China
Keynote speech given by Udaya Madawala
University of Auckland, New Zealand
  Keynote speech given by Fushuan Wen
Zhejiang University, China
Group Photo   Group Photo

Excellent Oral Paper Presentation Winners

Using improved pollen algorithm to optimize coordination of relay protection
Presenter: Chenyu LUO, North China Electric Power University

Simulation analysis of laser-induced damage of porcelain insulators
Presenter: Wenchuang Zhou, Wuhan University of Technology, China

Effects of inverter side parameters on stability and dynamic performance of HVDC transmission control system
Presenter: Juehao Xie, North China Electric Power University, China

Research on Winding Methods of Multi-Output Solid-State Transformer Considering the Impact of Power Electronic Converters
Presenter: Haoyi Wang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

A Data-driven Frequency-Constrained Unit Commitment Method considering IACs
Presenter: Xuan Yang, State Grid Hangzhou Power Supply Company, China

Capacitor Banks Performance in AADC Network and the Impact on Power Quality
Presenter: Omar AlAhmad, AADC, UAE

A Novel Partial Discharge Locating System for 10-kV Covered Conductor Lines in Distribution Network
Presenter: Yuan Yan, Xian Jiaotong University

Design and Research of Security Service Platform for Power Terminal Business Monitoring and Data Analysis
Presenter: Lifu Ding, Huanan Industrial Technology Research Institute of Zhejiang University, China

Design and Development of a Small-Scale Archimedes Screw Turbine for Sarawak Rural Development
Presenter: Pui San Lee, University College of Technology Sarawak, Malaysia

Research on Energy Storage Configuration Method Based on Wind and Solar Volatility
Presenter: Shi Xuewei, Wind and Solar Power Energy Storage Demonstration Station Co., Ltd, China

Operation of an AA-CAES Based Energy Hub Considering Cascade Utilization of Heat
Presenter: Danman Wu, Tsinghua University, China

Inter-temporal Nodal Market Power Assessment in the Electricity Market Considering Generation Flexibility
Presenter: Teng Tu, Zhejiang University, Chin