ICPES 2024 - 2024 the 14th International Conference on Power and Energy Systems

Review Process

By submitting a paper to ICPES, the authors agree to the review process and understand that the submitted manuscripts will undergo a peer-review process. Manuscripts will be reviewed by at least two qualified experts in the field selected by the Conference Technical Chairs, who will review the submitted manuscript and will provide comments for the authors.

All papers will be reviewed using a single-blind review process: i.e., the authors declare their names and affiliations in the manuscript for the reviewers to see, but reviewers do not know each other's identities, nor do the authors receive information about who has reviewed their manuscript.

If the submitted manuscripts are recommended by the reviewers to be accepted for publication in the conference proceedings, the authors need to submit the revised ("camera-ready") version that takes into account the reviewers' feedback. The revised manuscripts The final version will be checked by the reviewers or the Technical Chairs of the conference to ensure that the critical comments are addressed and the recommended changes are made. In addition, the final version will fundamentally correspond in length and contents to the submitted manuscript, except for parts that might be added or modified to comply with the reviewers' suggestions. It is considered unethical to shorten or otherwise alter the final version in ways that make it different from what has been approved by the reviewers.

ICPES 2023 will take every possible effort in conducting a rigorous and fair reviewing of the submitted manuscripts to only accept the high-quality submissions and to enable the participants to gain maximum benefit.


Research Misconduct

ICPES 2023 is intolerant of plagiarism. The submitted manuscripts are expected to contain only the original work executed by the authors with adequate, proper and scholarly citations to the work of others. It is the responsibility of the authors to clearly identify both their own contribution(s) and also contributions of the published results / techniques based on which their work has been built up. Reviewers will make sure these standards are met.

If through the review process or after that, a manuscript is found to commit an act of plagiarism or research misconduct, the following actions will be taken:
1. The submitted manuscript will be rejected and removed from the conference proceedings.
2. The corresponding author(s) may be reported to their affiliated institution(s), research funding agency, or IEEE.
3. The conference reserves the right to publish the corresponding authors' name and affiliation and the title of the paper along with the details of the misconduct on the conference webpage.


Double Submissions

By submitting a manuscript to ICPES, authors acknowledge that it has not been previously published or accepted for publication in a substantially similar form in any peer-reviewed venue with publicly accessible papers, including journals, conferences, workshops, or other peer-reviewed, archival forums. Furthermore, no paper substantially similar in content has been or will be submitted to another peer-reviewed conference or workshop with publicly accessible papers during the review period. The authors also attest that they did not submit a substantially similar submission to ICPES 2023. As a rule of thumb, the ICPES submission should contain no more than 20% of material from previous publications including authors' previous works. Violation of these conditions will lead to the rejection of the submitted manuscripts.